22 Dec 2013

Christmas Tip #1: Gothic Calligraphy

Image by Juan Manuel
Despite my terrible handwriting, I take the time to write (at least the names of) Christmas cards in Gothic calligraphy. Here are 5 reasons why you should do the same:

1. Writing in Gothic script preserves history.

Writings in blackletter have been done since the 12th Century AD. 

2. You don't necessarily need to have a calligraphy pen to write in the script.

Though a calligraphy or a fountain pen would be ideal, you still have a similar effect with a fine-liner. 

3. German-speaking areas used blackletter the longest.

Though, it did not originate in Germany, the Gothic script was used for the German language until the 20th Century, this is where the association of the Gothic script with Germany came from. Things associated with German culture (or come from Germany) often relate to the Christmas theme, for example: pfefferkuchen, Christmas carols (many are German in origin), Christmas trees and stollen.

Image by Steve Czajka
4. It's art but in words.

You take care and effort in each stroke of each letter. Writing in Gothic calligraphy is like painting words and your words itself can be written poetically, which is also an art.

5. It's impressive.

Gothic calligraphy looks beautiful, people appreciate the time and effort you put into 
Christmas cards.

What do you think? Are you convinced? Will you write your cards in Gothic Calligraphy? 

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