30 Dec 2013

2013 in 10 Events

Ten events in 2013 that made headlines in Australia. 

Image by Simon
1. Benedict XVI resigns as Pope, being the first since 1415 and the first to do so voluntarily since 1294. 

Image by Catholic Church (England and Wales)

2. Margaret Thatcher, the longest serving British Prime Minister, died at 87 years.

Memorial outside The British Embassy in Santiago.
Image by Rivera Notario
3. Edward Snowden was given temporary asylum in Russia.

Street art portrait of Snowden
Image by Thierry Ehrmann
4. Prince George of Cambridge was born. 

Image by Christopher Neve
5. Australia had three Prime Ministers in one year: Julia Gillard, Kevin Rudd and Tony Abbott. 
Tony Abbott, the current Prime Minister of Australia.
Image by 
Troy Constable Photography™

6. 'The Fox' by Ylvis was "created to fail" ironically became a viral video. 
Image by Drew Brockington
7. Harrison Craig won The Voice and Dami Im won The Xfactor. 

Harrison Craig
Image by Eva Rinaldi
8. Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and Vietman. 

Image by NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre
9. Nelson Mandela, the first post apartheid president of South Africa, died at 95 years. 

Image by Festival Karsh Ottawa
10. China landed Chang'e 3 on the moon. 

Image by Joel Raupe

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