7 Feb 2013

Pay It Forward 2013

Every January, Xfactor Youth has a volunteer camp called 'Pay It Forward' where young people help others in our community (and sometimes in other regional town's - Mildura) who can't help themselves or find difficulties in completing a job or task. 
This camp has two objectives, firstly to share God's love with others by paying it forward and secondly,  growing in your own faith in God in your spiritual journey.

We spent 5 days this year; weeding, cleaning, painting, gardening, mulching, putting bikes together, moving furniture, moving chicken coups, learning, throwing paint, getting our lunches eaten by goats (well only my sandwich got eaten) and pouring water on people's heads. 

These photos have been taken by Ben Young and others.

On the first day, I went to Doreen Primary School to move bricks.

Tom carried 13 bricks. 
We also made a fence of logs.

We also kept finding chicken heads everywhere.

Day 2 - helping the Northern Austistic School

We had a competition to see what group could make the
best dessert for $10 or less in 45 minutes.

This is what one of the people we helped said.
Day 3 - Cleaning around the church

We also went to the pool

We had paper stuck to our backs and people could write 
things that we like about that person. 

Pay It Forward was a fun experience and I hope to go to Pay It Forward next year. 


Xfactor Youth FaceBook (if you want to go to Pay It Forward next year)

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