11 Aug 2012

Elephant safari in Melbourne - Mali in the City

To celebrate the Melbourne Zoo's 150th anniversary, many artists painted fibre-glass statues of elephants (50 in total) to exhibit around the city. I decided to spend this afternoon taking photos in the city.

Ming Vase Elephant,
Queen Victoria Market entrance
Queen Victoria Market
Mali is Listening to the Earth,
Cnr Peel & William Sts near Flagstaff Gardens

Frank Realities,
The University of Melbourne - Medical School Building
Gordon Reserve

Old Treasury Building - Treasury Reserve

Centre of Treasury Gardens

Mali's Crimson Song,
Fitzroy Gardens

Melbourne Marriot Hotel Entrance

Rusty Mali,
Chinatown, Cohen Plaza

Interesting fact: an upright elephant trunk is good Feng Shui

Baroque Baby,
Bourke Street Mall

I think this is Jimbo,
but I didn't come out of the car to check
(It was getting dark, freezing cold and raining)

Yes, I did spend 3 and a half hours taking photos of elephants in Melbourne's busy traffic. I did get some strange looks for stopping to take a photo. 

Overall, going on an urban safari was worth the traffic and strange looks by others to find and capture 11/50 elephants.

Well Done Melbourne Zoo.

Maps and info about Mali in the City (I printed out the info to find them)

Adopt an Asian elephant (Zoos Victoria)

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  1. Great Post Jesse the Elephants are Beautiful!!


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