27 Aug 2012

40 Hour Famine 2012

This year I decided to do 
(40 Hour Famine)
and spent 40 hours without
(but liquids allowed). So my diet was mainly...

(water and barley sugars)
I thought going without food would give me stomach cramps but it affected my brain more than my stomach. If I forgot to take a barley sugar I would start to slur when I spoke. I also felt pretty light headed too. I also had vegetable and chicken broth (stock in hot water) for dinner which tricked my stomach into thinking I ate. By the end of the 40 hours I actually didn't feel like eating but I ate a balanced hot brunch (chirozo, egg, toast and tomato).

 My goal was originally $50 (because you need to raise $40 to feed a family of 5 for a month) but now it's 
Because I would legible to be a Youth Ambassador for World Vision. Please help fight global hunger (especially in Ethiopia where there has been a drought) by sponsoring me. The donations will go to World Vision on the 30th of September.

My 40 Hour Famine Profile (with a 'donate here')

Biller Code: 199745
Ref: 600828529

Thank you.

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