9 Sep 2012

10 reasons to learn Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia) and how

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Currently, I am trying to become fluent in Indonesian and want to encourage you to learn the language as well. 
Photo by Mr. T in DC

Here's 10 reasons why:

1. It's easy. Indonesian is VERY easy compared to European languages. There is no word for 'to be' and 'have already' is one word, 'sudah'. To make a word plural you say it twice.

2. The vocabulary is diverse (which can help you learn other languages). Most of it's words come from Malay but there are also some words from Dutch, Arabic, Sanskrit, Chinese languages (like Hokkien), Portuguese and Spanish. 

3. Many words are sound similar to English. E.g. Filem (movie), telivisi (TV), gelas (glass), polisi (police), kelas (class), musik (music), buku (book).

4. There are many people who speak Indonesian and it is the 14th most spoken language (by number of native speakers). Indonesia is the 4th most populous country with over 238 million people. 

Population map of Indonesia by Worldmapper.org

5.  You will be able to haggle in Indonesian. You can bring prices down just by knowing what to say. 
Photo by clairerowland

Photo by IronChefBalara
6. You can on a holiday to Bali or a business trip to Jakarta without much trouble.

7. Indonesia is the 2nd closest country to Australia (after Papua New Guinea). 

8. You can speak it in any island in Indonesia. Each island in Indonesia has it's own culture and language but Indonesian is the Lingua Franca that unites the country.

9. It's phonetic. Every word is spelt the way it sounds. 

10.  You can see tigers, elephants, orang-utans, sun bears, tapirs and rhinoceroses in the wild all in the same island, Sumatra. 

Photo by Peter Lee
Photo by Christine Majul

Photo by cskk
Photo by Robert Goodwin

Fun and creative ways to learn a language:

- Audio lessons (I reckon learningindonesian is one of the best)

- Indonesian music (download TurnInRadio app on your Apple device and search for Indonesian radio or listen to it online)

- Indonesian movies (world movies channel and YouTube)

- Talk to Indonesians on Skype 

- Indonesian Social Network sites

- Write on Lang-8

- Buy an Indonesian phrasebook and read it when you have a spare moment

- Indonesian flashcards (The Gengo flashcards app is a good way to learn)

Selamat Belajar! (Happy Studying)

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