13 Apr 2013

Lyre birds

After visiting Mason's falls in Kinglake and seeing an actual lyrebird in the wild (I have only seen them in captivity), I have been researching about lyrebirds and have learnt quite a bit about them. I already knew that they mimic other bird calls and sounds around them but I didn't know how well they could mimic. 
I can see why they're significant enough to be on the 10c coin. Lyre birds can mimic chainsaw sounds, camera clicks and even human voice!
If you listen close enough you can hear; 
0:58 "C'mere chook, chook"
1:05 "What are you doing?"
1:46 "Hey don't touch that"

Australia has some very unique animals and we should be grateful that these animals aren't extinct. 

Also, I hope to write a post about my trip but we took over 3000 photos on the trip so I will have a series of posts in the future. 

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