30 Jan 2013

Kooalala clothing

Happy New Year everyone! (Even though it's the end of January.) 

Lately, I've been on Kickstarter reading about new projects people have been trying to 'kick-start'. I came across a couple of them that I want to support, but I decided to share one that I think I shouldn't just keep to myself. 

It's Kooalala (pronounced koo-ah-lah-lah) clothing, a fashion line inspired by endangered animals on the IUCN red list of threatened species. The company is named after the koala which was 'near threatened' but became 'least concern' in 2008, which means there is hope for threatened species. 

Check out their clothing on Kickstarter

Here's some of the animals they were inspired by are:

The wood turtle
Image by Jerry Oldenettel
Image by @Doug88888
Arabian Oryx
Image by Danny McL
There are rewards for those who support them on kickstarter, for example if you donate:

(For shipping outside the U.S., they request that you'll pay an additional $10) :(

- $20 or more, they'll send you a plain Kooalala t-shirt with the colour of your choose. 

- $30 or more, they'll send you a Wild Tiger T-Shirt (Men's).

- $40 or more, they'll send you a Blessed Poison Frog shirt (Women's) or a Cloud Copper Butterfly shirt (Women's).

And if you donate $1000 you will receive 5 Kooalala duo packages and a Kooalala medal of honour which allows you to pick the next animal for their collection from the IUCN red list of threatened species.

Also, the fashion line gives some of its proceed to nature preservation and the endangered animals. 

Kooalala Kickstarter (images of their products + a video). 
Kooalala Website
Like them on FaceBook Kooalala FaceBook
Follow them on Twitter Kooalala Twitter
IUCN red list of threatened species

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  1. Hi Jesse,
    Thank you so much for sharing our Kickstarter.
    I wanted to add one thing,the concept of this fashion line is to have some of its proceeds go back to nature preservation – this way any person purchasing the shirt will actively be helping nature preservation and the endangered animals.
    We are in touch with the Red List, WWF and PETA and have their support, hopefully in the next week or two they’ll put our campaign on their Facebook page as well, but for now it’s all about our effort and our friends help.
    Kickstarter’s guidelines will not allow us to mention we will be donating funds – however, we are planning to do so also from proceeds of this Kickstarter campaign
    Thank Hadas

    1. Thanks Hadas,
      I will add that to the post. :)
      Regards, Jesse


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