2 Dec 2012

Japan Culture and Art Festival 2012

Last Sunday (25th of November), I went to Japan... well not really Japan but kind of a half way illusion. 
I went to the Japan Culture and Art Festival, which displayed traditional and modern Japanese art forms and culture. There was origami, calligraphy, traditional dance, modern music, martial arts and traditional games and lots of Japanese people.

This was my experience there:

Origami - I learnt to make an origami flower
Martial Arts
Kendama (Japanese toy)
Traditional dance
Japanese calligraphy
I learnt how hard it is to do Japanese calligraphy (my name in Japanese).
Left - Neat, nice done by an expert, Right - My attempt
Ikebana - Flower arrangement
Japanese game - go 
Score -
Opponent = 9 points
Me = -13 points
You know you failed when your score is in negative numbers.
Pastel Art

Japanese rice ball thing with green soy (very chewy)
Kirigami Lotus (Origami with cuttings) 
Kirigami dragonfly 
Kirigami bears 
A gaijin (non-Japanese) in a sumo suit
The Japan Culture and Art Festival was fun as well as being a bit too loud. I learnt new things about Japan and Japanese culture which I didn't know. I went to many other stalls and places but couldn't take photos due to the large amount of people pushing and shoving to look at what is on the table. :) 

Overall, I enjoyed the day and got to experience Japanese culture that I would have had to fly to Japan to see or research on the internet. 

Japan Culture and Art Festival website
Japan Culture and Art Festival Blog


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