10 Nov 2012

10 Cute Animal Facts: Photo Blog

#1 Sea Otters hold hands when sleeping together. I guess they didn't want to wake up to find, one's in Japan and the other in Alaska. :)

Photo by Sarah Kim
#2 Nose-to-nose touching, following social grooming is a common greeting between two cats.
Photo by Whitney Gallien-Hedges
#3 Each dog has an individual nose print.
Photo by Jen Waller
#4 A young rabbit is called a kitten, like cats.
Photo by Debi Cohen
#5 When happy, guinea pigs may perform little hops in the air. This is called 'popcorning'.
Photo by joffreylacour
#6 The King Quail is the smallest 'true quail'. 
Tambako The Jaguar
#7 Cats purr at 26 cycles per second. The same frequency as an idling diesel engine, so it is fair to say that cats have their 'motor' running. 
Photo b Monica
#8 Butterflies can only see red, green and yellow. 
Photo by Emmett Tullos
#9 Bumblebees have hair on their eyes, also known as: hairy vision. 
Photo by Dave Young
#10 'Jaws' is the most popular name for a goldfish.

Photo by josullican.59


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