8 Jul 2012

Travel Review: IKEA Richmond

IKEA is one of the most famous furniture and home ware stores and it has also made it’s founder Ingvar Kampred one of the richest people in the world. Besides being an excellent store, IKEA also has a restaurant.
The restaurant is a modern, Swedish restaurant where you just want to eat and eat. The food there is very flavourful. Ordering your food is canteen-like where you take a tray and choose what you want to eat. And I did just that.

The Swedish and Australian flag
side by side.

Just having a 'light' meal.
*not a very nice thing
to say to your costumers. :)

When I ate the chocolate mousse I used George’s trick of adding salt to it and it actually tasted better. 

Interesting fact: Like the name ABBA, IKEA is also an abbreviation. Ingvar Kampred founded it, he was born at Elmtaryd a family farm which was near Agunnaryd.

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