24 Jul 2012

Travel Review: Cuckoo Restaurant - Photo Blog

On, Sunday I went to the Cuckoo for Christmas in July (sadly for us antipodeans we don't get a white Christmas). The Cuckoo is a smorgasbord buffet restaurant in Mt Dandedong which can become cold and it has snowed there in the past. It gives the impression that you are in a mountain forest in Germany.

What to chose, what to chose?

Serving 1

Serving 2

Serving 3

Serving 4 (starting to feel like
 'the very hungry caterpillar')

Liam, the Pancake maker


Sarah, who sang some songs from
'the sound of music', Christmas carols
and played the cow bells.

This is the world's biggest Cuckoo
clock (that works)

The building is a lot higher from the ground than
the photo makes it look.

The Cuckoo also has flags from around the world to welcome international guests.




Denmark and Poland


Greece, India, Japan, Croatia and USA (again)

Vietnam, Hong Kong, Finland and Malaysia

Ireland, China, Estonia, Mauritius and Indonesia

Chile, China (again) and South Korea

Overall, I recommend going to the Cuckoo (on an empty stomach and feeling a bit cuckoo). :)

The Cuckoo Restaurant
508 Mount Dandenong Tourist Road Olinda Victoria Australia 3788
Telephone: +61-3-9751 1003 

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