4 Apr 2012

Travel Review: North Island overall - Photo Blog

During my recent trip to New Zealand, I spent some time in Hamilton, Rotorua, as well as in Auckland. 

This is my trip:
Leaving Melbourne to Auckland

Half-way there

The plane 
Landing in Auckland
It was very foggy, it was magical.

A teko teko pu (guardian) welcomed me into NZ

My (temporary) backyard

Seal at the Auckland Zoo
It looks digital because of the lighting

A tuatara
A prehistoric reptile which can live over 100 years old
but most live to 60.

Burma, the elephant

Lettuce beware

A kea
They are very intelligent and are cheeky as well.
The collect everything they can find
rubber on cars, rubbish, anything!

Keas having lunch

A kiwi
I waited about half and hour to take that photo

I found out there are about 7 species of kiwi

A tiger 

The skytower from the harbour bridge

No further information required 

About to drive off

Cutting the cake at the wedding party

They had a great view of the skytower
from the restaurant

One Tree Hill

I find it interesting that the train signs in NZ
have old-fashioned trains on it. 

My first encounter with a bumble bee
in Hamilton

The skyline in Rotorua
Rotorua means two lakes in Maori
Roto - Lake
Rua - Two

I thought it was quite smart how they used the map
of New Zealand in-between the N and the Z

Zorbing at Rotorua
(That wasn't me in there)

Leaving NZ to Australia

Last photo in New Zealand
There are 'stars' in the plane at night

A welcome home present from my cat

I have to speak some very basic Maori:

Kia Ora
(Hello or Thank you depending on context)

Ko Jesse taku ingoa.
(My name is Jesse.)

Kei te pehea koe?
(How are you? singular)

Kei te pehea korua?
(How are you? two people)

Kei te pehea koutou?
(How are you? more than two people)

Ka pai
(Good / Okay)

Tahi, Rua, Toru, Wha, Rima, Ono, Whitu, Waru, Iwa, Tekau
(One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten)




(Land of the long white cloud)

It's great after spending a week in New Zealand, I am able to speak all this Maori.

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