15 Apr 2012

Travel Review: Bendigo - Photo Blog

Two days ago, I went to Bendigo for the afternoon. It was a two hour drive but was worth it once I got there.
A fountain 

That is the statue of Queen Victoria.

Another fountain but not as grand as the other.

Believe it or not, that is a toilet!

A Cornish miner

Bendigo Chinatown

You know if it's Chinatown, if the lights are curved. 

A giant lotus.

The Chinese garden, I came there at 5:00 and they were closed.

A male lion. Notice the ball under his paw.

A female lion. Notice the lion cub under her paw.

The golden dragon museum. 

Chinese lucky clouds on a fence.

Notice the 'fish scale' pattern on the lantern.

Bendigo bank

Bendigo bank at night.

I would like to go to Bendigo again and stay there for two or three days so am I able to see the Golden Dragon Museum and the Botanical Gardens. While I was there I did go to Bendigo's Hat Shop on High Street which a large variety of hats. They had caps, berets, Scottish bonnets, hats for weddings and much more. 
I recommend going there if you're in Bendigo. I reckon the Bendigo Chinatown is a bit more 'authentic Chinese' than Little Bourke Street because there is a Museum in there as well as a garden. Even though it is not as big as Chinatown in Melbourne City, I still recommend going there. 

Here is a bit of history about Bendigo.

1. First settled around 1840s
2. Main source of boom was the Gold rush in 1851, first discovered by two women.
3. Population in 1900 was 39,000 and today is 107,000.
4. Has a strong commerce and tourism to support the city's economy.

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