1 Mar 2012

Travel Review: Auckland, North Island, New Zealand - Day 1

Out of the many countries I could have of been to, I am in Auckland, New Zealand. 

I flew on a very smooth Emirates plane; I couldn't tell that I left the ground, which was good as I am afraid of heights. The flight was amazing: delicious food, great entertainment such as music, TV, music videos, movies, etc. The plane had a modern, Middle Eastern feel with bilingual signs and announcements in Arabic and English. It did become quite annoying with each announcement going for about five minutes in Arabic and another five minutes in English. The uniform also look very Arabic with a red turban-like hat with a beige scarf that dressed the air hostesses. The plane was a bit squishy and I felt quite claustrophobic.

I got to Auckland, I noticed that it's not much different to Australia but one noticable diffence was  the grass is greener here. Literately. Well, Aotearoa is a nuclear-free zone. New Zealand dollar looks not much different to the Australian dollar with watermarks in similar places. New Zealand doesn't feel like a 'foreign country', which is turning out to be a good thing. 

My personal goal while in New Zealand is to get as many blogs but this isn't the main reason why I'm here. My primary reason for being here is to attend a family wedding but I decided it would be a quick break from every day life.

If you think you can, you can. If you think you can't, you can't. I thought I can, I am here.

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