20 Feb 2012

Travel Review: Blairgowrie, Victoria, Australia

Blairgowrie, one of many peculiar beaches in Australia. Unlike most beaches in Port Philip Bay, the beaches in Blairgowrie face north. To get there, you need to semi circle back towards Melbourne whilst en-route to Sorrento and is bordered by Port Philip Bay and Bass Strait.      

Surf is reasonably light due to the shallow shoreline and the many sandbars makes it a safe swimming beach and a great holiday destination for parents with children. And if you are keen when you are cooling off, why not try fishing for pipi and other small clams which are in the water and not difficult to find.
The sand does become hot on those Melbourne heat waves where on the shore you feel like cooling your feet which are often on fire, so remember to wear sandals. 
Small shopping strip to keep plenty of interest and a few trendy hang outs in between the shops along the strip, e.g. Café Jett. 

Café Jett is a modern contemporary café with a boat-like atmosphere. Inside you will find a Jaz Fashion shop and a bar. Great start for a morning coffee, lunch or dinner where wine and typical café meals are reasonably priced. Food is around a 6 out of 10 but I recommend coffee based on my quick survey of the locals and holidayers.

Also, recommend after having lunch at Café Jett and to have a look at the other shops on the strip. I like how there is a shop for most things you are after but this isn't 3 story shopping plaza for those die hard shopper-holics. 

Other activities you can do on the beach are beach cricket, lots of sand castling and for those fitness freaks try beach yoga or tai chi. I suggest going to the beach around 3pm instead of 10 ish to avoid the extreme UV rating. That’s if you don’t plan to come back from your holiday with a giant sunburn on your back.

Overall, I am a fan of Blairgowrie. Check it out.
Interesting Fact: 
Safety beach was originally called ‘Shark’s bay’ and was renamed to attract tourists.  

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Here are 3 facts about the country:
#1 The official language is the indigenous language of the country and sign language.
#2 It is famous for a fjord.
#3 It is a nuclear-free zone. 

Have guess what country I'm going to, using the three facts I gave you in the comment section below.

Café Jett
197 Pt Nepean Rd, 
Dromana 3936
Ph: 03 5987 1911
Fax: 03 5987 1919

The bar at Café Jett
The Beach

Notice how the beach faces north