6 Oct 2013

Rutherglen 2013

Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to stay at a farm in Rutherglen for a week.
Rutherglen is a small town near Albury and the Victoria/New South Wales border. 
I have been to Rutherglen a couple of times, during summer and winter and under the impression that the weather is only very hot or very cold. I learnt that spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit, the weather is warm during midday, cool in the afternoon and not too cold at night.

While I was there, I did some jobs around the farm and explored the town. The farm that I stayed at is called Mt Ophir which has bed-and-breakfast facilities, a winery and livestock. The area has great country scenery which makes excellent photos.

The Winery


Rutherglen town


I helped with feeding the cows. 

While I was at the town, I went to Parker Pies which serves gourmet meat pies.
They make traditional pies such as beef, steak and mushroom and peppered steak.
The gourmet pies they serve include; steak and curry, thai chicken, vegetarian and others.
They also have pies with exotic meats like kangaroo, venison, buffalo and crocodile.
The place had great customer service and offered mango chutney with their gourmet pies.
I ordered a taster kangaroo pie.

But, I wasn't daring enough to try crocodile.

I learnt to make a card-tower, well a card-pyramid.

The emus were very friendly.


I would recommend Mt Ophir for families rather than couples. Children would love feeding the chickens, geese and cows on the farm. Unlike what the website says, the farm is not a romantic getaway, it has a relaxing, rustic, country feel but is a bit of a roughing-it experience. The buildings and rooms have an old style, it almost feels you have gone into the past but is also a historical experience. It is a place for those who love animals, the country lifestyle and fresh produce. 

If you would like to visit Mt Ophir and Rutherglen, here's some details:

Mt Ophir Website
Booking to stay at Mt Ophir
Rutherglen Lonely Planet - Includes activities and restaurants.
Albury Lonely Planet - Includes activities, restaurants and hotels.

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