6 Sep 2013

Song Sampling: Etta James

Lately, I have noticed that many older songs have been sampled to make new songs. It's not exactly coping or plagiarising but it's more like taking inspiration from a song of an older generation and turning it into something that suits the musical taste of the younger generation. 

Here's a couple of songs that have been sampled from Etta James's 'Something's got a hold on me'.

Original: 'Something's got a hold on me', 1962 (live)

Sampled song #1: 'Good Feeling', Doi-Oiding, 1991

Sampled song #2: 'Finally Moving', Pretty Lights, 2006

Sampled song #3: 'Good Feeling", Flo Rida, August 2011

Sampled song #4: 'Levels', Avicii, October 2011 (vevo)

I would like to make a series of posts like this, where I write about how new artists steal sample older artists songs. 

What do you think of sampling? What song do you like the most out of these songs? 

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