8 Jun 2013

One of my favourite jokes

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I thought I'll share one of favourite jokes with all off you. Some of you may know it, but it never gets old. Here it is:

Creative Common by msr
During the Dark Ages, the Pope decreed that all Jews living in Rome had to leave. The Jews did not want to leave so the Pope challenged them to a disputation. No one offered to debate with the Pope until the synagogue janitor, Moishe volunteered. As he was the only one who offered, he was given the responsibility. But, because he only spoke Hebrew, a silent debate was agreed. 

They went to St Peter's Square to sort out the decision, on the day of the disputation. Firstly, the Pope waived his hand around his head and Moishe pointed firmly at the ground. The Pope was surprised and pointed up three fingers. Moishe pointed his middle finger at him. The crowd started to complain but the Pope waived at them to be quiet. The Pope held up a glass of wine and a wafer, then Moishe reached into his pocket and held up an Apple. The Pope said in Latin, "This man is too good, the Jews can stay in Rome". 

Creative Common by Joe Shlabotnik
Later, one of the bishops asked the Pope "Can you explain what happened during the debate, I thought you were going to kick the Jews out?". The Pope replied, "That man is very knowledgeable, first I signed the heavens to show that God is everywhere. He pointed to the ground to show God is here with us. I signed the trinity and he reminded me that we share one God common to our religions. I showed the wine and the wafer to signify forgiveness and he showed the apple, the symbol of the original sin. This man is the master of silent debates". 

In the Jewish part of Rome, Moishe was also asked what happened. He said "The whole debate was nonsense, First he signed that the city would be free of Jews, I replied with go to hell, the Jews are staying here. He signed that he will kill me in three days, I replied with what I thought of that." One older woman asked, "What about the wine and the wafer?", Moishe replied with a shrug "That? Well, he showed his lunch, so I showed him mine". 

St Peter's Square Rome
Creative Common by Margaret Napier
Synagogue in Rome
Creative Common by Ruben
Detail on Synagogue
Ten Commandments in Hebrew
Creative Common by Scazon

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