22 Dec 2012

How to make custom home-made T-shirts for Christmas

This year I wanted to give my friends Christmas gifts that fitted under three requirements:

- Homemade
- Personal 
- Useful

Custom T-shirts fit under all three requirements (kind of: the t-shirts are bought). 

This is how to make one: 

You will need - 
 - a T-Shirt
Gem Stone glue
- A pencil
- Paper
Dye + ingredients needed on the packet (normally salt is also also needed)
- A Bin Lid
- Most importantly, creativity

Step 1 - Design
It is ideal that you draw in pencil what you are going to draw in glue
Step 2 - Soak T-Shirt in water
Squeeze out any excess water in T-Shirt
Step 3 - Put wet T-Shirt on a flat bin lid
Step 4 - Drawing
Draw / Write design using a washable glue before T-shirt dries completely.

Step 5 - Drying
Dry T-Shirts in the Sun until the glue is clear or more than 80% is clear.

Step 6 - Dying
Dye T-Shirt according to the instructions on the packet.
You may also want to tie-dye the back of the T-Shirt.
When T-Shirt is desired colour, wash in soapy water until no excess dye comes out.

Step 7 - Dry (again)
Dry T-Shirt after washing.
The T-Shirt above is for one of my friends who loves Japanese culture.
The tie-dye looks great on the back of the T-shirt

Quotes or verses from the Bible look good on T-Shirts.

Step 8 - Wrapping
Give present to your friend or family member and see the smile on their face. :)
Wishing you a Merry Christmas, I hope you like the T-Shirts I designed.
Write your thoughts in the comment section.

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  1. Good technique for self designed a t-shirt. The very informative article, thanks for sharing.


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