2 Oct 2012

Royal Melbourne Show 2012 - Photo blog

Every year in Spring, Melbourne hosts an agricultural show which presents music, rides, farm animals, pet judging and other events.  I visited this year's show last Thursday and I share my experience with you:

Welcome to the Royal Melbourne Show

Most people prefer to ride horses.


Sheep and goats 

Llamas and Alpacas

Turkeys and Chickens

Here's why pigs are considered a symbol of laziness.
Eeyore isn't the only sad donkey.
Very fluffy ducklings and chicks

I got 'eternity' airbrushed on my wrist 
Sadly, I didn't get to eat one

Ferris wheel (not Ferris Bueller) 

A 4-year old crocodile
A hungry 4-year old crocodile


Devon Rex

Details for the Melbourne Show see the links below.

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