28 Dec 2011

How to be more creative

I've noticed some people are amazed at things like artwork, writing and music that others create but they don't know that they can be just as creative as they are. Using these tips you can be more creative. 

#1. Sleep. Studies have shown that REM sleep cycles can boost our creativity levels. Recording your dreams can give you inspiration. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ were based on dreams the authors had.
#2 Exercise. Exercise can also promote creative thinking and gives you a brain power boost for a few hours. Before writing a essay go have a jog, skate, play a sport etc.

#3 Daydream. It may seem like a waste of time but it is an essential part of coming up with new ideas.  Wonder around and question things in your mind, like a child. E.g. “Why is a shadow longer, the further away light source?” etc. Try to do this a couple of times a day..

#4 Learn something that you have no idea about. This will help you think in new ways. Learn about different types of medication or animal behaviour or marine life or a foreign language like Indonesian and French or even one that doesn’t use the Latin alphabet like Korean or Japanese if you want something a little more challenging. This can also be an interesting conversation topic.
#5 Put yourself in a nerve-wrecking situation. Frustration can actually promote enervating thinking. Go to a ‘swim with the sharks’ program at an aquarium, go on the ferris wheel, go abseiling. 

#6 Write. Write down your thoughts and opinions throughout the day. This will help you think of the right words when you're having trouble writing an assignment, letter, email etc.