27 Dec 2013

Please support my mission trip to Thailand in July 2014

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In July 2014, I am going to a village in the highlands of Thailand as a Volunteer to work in an orphanage called 'Grace House'. The Grace House Orphanage is a home for boys and girls from local hill tribes escaping poverty. The orphanage provides food, clothing, activities, an introduction to the gospel, games and the ability to attend a local school where they will learn skills to hopefully allow them to find suitable work in the future.

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On this mission, I will be part of a group who will help with the maintenance of the orphanage, serve at the local church, teach English and provide financial assistance to the orphanage and to the local villages.

To make this trip a possibility for me, I need to raise $2950 by March 2014. Your donations will cover my flight, transport, food and accommodation. I am seeking 120+ sponsors to assist me with my voluntary trip by donating $25 and any additional donations that I receive will be given to the orphanage.

I am willing to exchange your donation for a one hour beginner session to learn Indonesian over Skype if you choose to.
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Please donate at:

The link above also has blogs about my preparation for the trip, so please check that out. 

Alternatively you can donate directly at;
BSB: 484-799
Account number: 084640250.
Bank: Suncorp bank.

Finally, I would be grateful if you would spread the word by sharing this blog to others who would also support me with this worthy cause.

Thank you in advance for your donations. :)

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