20 Dec 2013

Climbing Mt Feathertop

Ned Kelly Monument
About two months ago, I went on a group trip to the Victorian Alps. We went on a four hour bus trip from Melbourne to Harrietville and stayed at Feathertop Chalet. The following day, we began our overnight hike to the summit of Mt Feathertop. 

Being 1,922 metres tall, Mt Feathertop is the 2nd tallest mountain in Victoria and it's first recorded climb was in 1853 by German-Australian Dr Von Mueller.

Ready to begin our walk

Mountains that go into the clouds.

When we reached the campsite, we set up our tents and made dinner. 


Image by K Suzuki

At around 6 am, we were woken up and given the option to climb to the summit. I took this opportunity, despite the fact I was tired. 

When we reached the summit, I took lots of photos and enjoyed the view. We were told that if you look far enough, you can see Mt Kosciusko in New South Wales. There wasn't a local tour guide present, so besides sun, we had no idea where it would be. 

On the way down, we stopped at a spring. During certain months the water is dangerous to drink from. Because it was October, the water is freshly melted snow and ice, making it safe to drink. We also saw a couple of lyrebirds near the spring but they quickly ran away. 

Earlier this year, there were a couple of bushfires in the area and many of the trees are still burnt. Interestingly, some plant species actually need a bushfire to germinate. 

After climbing Mt Feathertop, we explored Harrietville and Feathertop Chalet. 

Overall, Harrietville is great getaway, no matter what season it is (though it is ideal to go in winter when it snows). There are opportunities to do winter sports, enjoy the beauty of the alpine environment and learn about the Gold Rush history. 

Feathertop Chalet
Harrietville Tourism
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